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The Government commences the Innovation Council operations

29 March 2018

On March 14, 2018 a meeting was held by the Innovation Development Council.

Within the framework of state technology development policy, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine commenced the Innovation Council which is supposed to become both an effective tool for collaboration between the Government, business sector and representatives of science, and a platform for making important decisions in this field. The Council meeting was chaired by Volodymyr Groysman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

‘This mechanism should be working in a correct manner’, noted the Head of the Government.

Participants of the meeting noted that annually around three thousand inventions, more than seven thousand useful models and around two thousand useful samples are getting registered but only few of them are introduced into life and turn into technologies. The problem is that Ukrainian innovations exist mostly on paper or ‘migrate’ together with inventors abroad. At the same time all attempts to finance science don’t give desired results, and one of the reasons is a lack of capitalization process in this field. The invention is getting patented but its practical value is not identified and is not tracked. Moreover, there exists a big imbalance in the number of higher education institutions and vocational education institutions in Ukraine. As emphasized by participants of the meeting, there are hundreds of universities, but there is ‘no one to stand behind the machine’. So, there is no movement towards practical side, and it should be changed.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned, the Head of the Government reminded that this year the Fund of innovation and startup support will be operating in Ukraine. Its budget is around 50 million UAH and based on the estimation by the Cabinet of Ministers this amount can cover around 80 of the most promising projects. Besides, there is a strong desire to help scientists considering adoption of the required regulatory decisions that will affect the situation and allow all the involved parties to cooperate more effectively.

Following results of the meeting, Oleksandr Saienko, the Minister at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, is appointed to the position of the Innovation Council Coordinator.

‘I also suggest to create an operational plan of cooperation, so that we can continuously move forward month after month’, said the Head of the Government.

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