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Importance of the «Help Women Agro in Ukraine» initiative developing women-led SMEs

08 April 2022

Iryna Tytarchuk, Executive Director of ITFC, spoke for the Women in Food and Agriculture project about the importance of the «Help Women Agro in Ukraine» initiative developing women-led SMEs in agricultural sector


In 2021, Ukraine exported agricultural products to more than 180 countries. The largest buyers of Ukrainian products were the EU countries – almost 30%. The war has reduced supply, led to rising world prices, food inflation and deteriorating food availability in importing countries. This situation can lead to a major food problem around the world


With the war in Ukraine underway and negatively impacting small to medium women agricultural producers and presenting serious consequences for agricultural production in the country - why urgent action is needed, including support for women entrepreneurs working in this field. Women make up almost 30% of farmers and small to medium agricultural producers living in small towns and villages across the country. And now, being in such regions is a real danger for them.


Through the «Help Women Agro in Ukraine» initiative, the ITFC aims to address the challenges facing women entrepreneurs, by offering support leadership training, funding to restore their facilities and crisis management advice to founders, business owners and directors in Ukraine


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