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Initiative Help Women Agro in Ukraine

01 April 2022

Ukraine has long been positioned as a guarantor of food security in many countries worldwide due to traditionally strong food exports. Ukraine's contribution to the world food market in 2021 was equivalent to providing food for about 400 million people. For example, the supply of wheat from Ukraine accounts for more than 10% of annual consumption for 15 countries, including 28% of Indonesia's needs, 21% - for Bangladesh. Egypt imports almost 80% of its wheat from both Russia and Ukraine. Currently, disruptions in trade chains as a result of the war with the Russian Federation, due to the blockade of seaports, are already having negative consequences for the food systems of these countries and their food security in general.

To minimize the effects of the global food crisis during the war, it is necessary to protect and support agricultural production in Ukraine. More than half of Ukrainian businesses work even during the war - 52% work, albeit with restrictions. Most businesses support the humanitarian response in the country: 41% support financially, 35% maintain workers who defend the country, 31% and 29% supply products and services respectively, 16% medicines, and 9% support in defence.

An urgent problem now is the need to support women entrepreneurs working in the agricultural sector and affected from the war with Russia. Farmers and small / medium-sized agricultural producers, almost 30% of whom are women, live and work in small towns and villages affected by the war. A number of researches shows that women’s leadership in economic life (business activities) is a very important factor of stable growth and development on a country level, community or separate firm. These or any other reasons are key in realization of gender equality principle implementation that are adopted in 17 Sustainable Development Goals and «2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals». Women today, both on the battlefield and in the rear, provide for the economy, support families, care for children and the elderly.

Therefore, the Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center in cooperation with international partners is implementing the initiative Help Women Agro in Ukraine to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs working in the agricultural sector and affected of the war with the Russian Federation.

Potential areas of support, but not limited to identified:  financial support, partnership and cooperation with international partners to promote products in foreign markets, mentoring, hiring a leading expert in the field to gain international experience, scholarships for international business skills programs in the agricultural sector, a series of articles, podcasts, etc.

You are an entrepreneur and need help:

You have the opportunity to provide support / assistance to entrepreneurs:

Period of implementation of the initiative: May 1 - June 30, 2022.

The implementation of this initiative will allow to establish partnerships and cooperation between enterprises, support women entrepreneurs in the context of recovery / reconstruction activities and further development of the economy and business in the postwar period.

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