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Support for the economy of Ukraine

30 June 2022

The war in Ukraine has a devastating effect on the country's economy, in particular due to the influence of the following factors: obstacles in international logistics, the location of the main logistics warehouses in the Kyiv region, the blocking of ports, the impossibility of conducting rural farming in the eastern and southern regions, the evacuation of the able-bodied population
To support the economy of Ukraine, changes to the trade policy with the following countries were adopted:
- import customs tariffs and tariff quotas in bilateral trade between Ukraine and Great Britain have been canceled (
- the European Union canceled all duties and fees on Ukrainian exports to the European market (
- Canada canceled all customs duties for Ukrainian products (
- additional duties on Ukrainian steel have been temporarily canceled in the USA (
Trade liberalization with EFTA and Australia and digital trade with Britain and Singapore are also currently under consideration.
Let's win together!

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