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They lost their business, but not the desire to restore it! Stories of women entrepreneurs whose businesses suffered during the war

02 September 2022

In today's world, women can realize themselves in almost all spheres. Many of them become successful businesswomen and open their own businesses. Even during maternity leave, when most of the time must be devoted to the child, they have enough inspiration for their development. And it often happens that children inspire the creation of a business.


You started your business and were successful, but one day it was destroyed. After February 24, various cities of our country suffered from explosions and rocket attacks. The Russian army destroys residential buildings, shopping centers, shops and markets. So the business in which a person has invested his soul may cease to exist. But the government and charitable organizations support Ukrainians and their businesses. After all, it is he who currently supports our economy


The business support of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs was helped by the project Business support during the war and in the post-war period, which is implemented by the Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program. This project is aimed at supporting Ukrainian women entrepreneurs, helping small and medium-sized businesses with relocation and support during a six-month period


Yes, the following received support within the project:

- Avex Group - sewing production and visual design of objects for business

- BOXY - trade in packaging goods

- Vesna - production of herbal cosmetics


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