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The Parliament of Ukraine approved the Action Plan for the Government

13 January 2015

December 11, 2014: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Ukrainian Parliament) adopted the Regulation No. 26-VIII thus approving the new Action Plan for the Government of Ukraine lodged by the Prime-Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenuk.
Among the priorities of the Cabinet of Ministers are the measures aimed at deregulation and simplification of the procedures. The offered steps include, inter alia, reduction of the regulatory bodies, abolition of certain licensing procedures, harmonization of 1500 national standards with the EU standards, etc.
According to the Action Plan the governmental activity will also be aimed at strengthening national security, fight against corruption, and reformation of the judicial system. The main economic tasks before the Cabinet of Ministers are reduction of the budget expenses, simplification of the tax system, reduction of taxes from 22 to 9, control over the transfer pricing and introduction of the modern and competitive system of government procurement. Besides, the steps envisaged by the Plan include involving international to conduct audit of the state enterprises, introduction of corporate management and privatization of the large part of state enterprises.
In the sphere of international trade the Government stakes at efficient use of the EU – Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, negotiating new free trade agreements with Canada, Turkey, Israel and other states as well as better integration of Ukrainian companies into the international trade system. The Action Plan also envisages certain steps aimed at the support of the agriculture with the perspective of leadership of Ukraine on international markets of agricultural goods. The reform of the energy sector is also among priorities.
In general the Action Plan defines a wide range of tasks before the new Government for the following few years. The aim of the Plan is to intensify and strengthen cooperation between Ukraine and the EU within the framework of the Association Agreement, to facilitate business activities and to improve the business climate in Ukraine in general.

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