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Grant Program for Women Entrepreneurs

03 June 2022

Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program, is launching a new joint project that will provide grant support to women entrepreneurs

Trends in recent years have shown that Ukraine successfully imitates the world's leading trends and attracts women to the country's economic life. According to YouControl research, since 2010, the number of FOPs opened by women is 25,000 more than those opened by men. However, men are three times more likely to start companies. Every year, the gender gap is narrowing, women's business is gaining momentum, and the support of civil society organizations and international partners plays an important role in this.
All sectors of the economy suffered during the war. Small and medium-sized businesses suffered special losses: premises were destroyed, logistics connections were lost, and the risk of bankruptcy increased. According to the current situation, 52% of enterprises continue to operate, 27% have stopped working, but seek to resume operations. The task of the grant program for women entrepreneurs is to resume and scale up activities to support the current economy and successful post-war reconstruction.
Every woman who is developing, just starting a business, or running a family business can apply for a grant. To participate in the program you need to specify personal data and features of activities, including:
  • business category (small, medium, large)
  • type of activity (education, tourism, production, trade, IT, etc.)
  • number of employees
  • current business needs that require funds (logical relocation to safe regions, creation of a new enterprise, entry into foreign markets, marketing support, etc.)
  • substantiation of the business plan (potential investment attraction, planned income and profit, increase in the number of jobs, etc.)
Areas in need of grant support may be, for example:
  • ensuring uninterrupted activity (transportation, availability of raw materials, equipment)
  • business entry into foreign markets (expert consultation, certification, etc.)
  • marketing support (promotion on social networks and international trading platforms)
  • providing assistance with relocation to safe areas
The program should result in maintaining and increasing the number of jobs, improving business management skills and technical capabilities, attracting foreign investment and expanding sales channels
Grant Program for women entrepreneurs:
Applications for participants will be accepted until June 5, and the results will be announced on June 7, 2022

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