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Ukrainian creative businesses are uniting to conquer world markets

04 July 2022

Ukrainians launched the Oplich project – an association of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs who work together to promote Ukrainian cultural identity and traditional crafts worldwide. The initiative is created and administered by the Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center in partnership with the YAKUSH brand and the One Philosophy consulting group.
Oplich's goal is to strengthen cooperation between Ukrainian companies in the creative industry to expand sales channels, enter international markets and promote Ukrainian brands worldwide.
The organizers of the project note: "We strive to establish Ukraine on the map of subject design as a bold, sustainable, innovative state, full of many talents, ideas and non-standard solutions."
"Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrainian businesses and, at the same time, the well-being of our families were put at risk. The enemy is trying to destroy what we have been building for so long, but they will never take away the most important thing – our faith and love for our profession. Therefore, we are ready to support and develop Ukrainian businesses to help the economy grow. The name of the association comes from the expression "shoulder to shoulder ", i.e. side-by-side, together. After all, not only our goal delivers the value of unity but also our products, which hopefully will soon live next to the owners around the world, uniting them with special Ukrainian energy," commented Iryna Tytarchuk, the executive director of the Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center.
"We want Ukrainian women entrepreneurs to make a breakthrough even in the most difficult conditions of the war and not only resume production but also enter new, international markets. It will make their businesses truly resilient, and we will be able to protect the Ukrainian identity and culture that this war seeks to destroy. Ukrainian products will carry our identity and rethought cultural traditions in every modern home in different parts of the world. The Italian couple will drink morning coffee from Ukrainian cups. The Hutsul carpet will create coziness next to the fireplace in a Norwegian apartment, and French fashionistas will complement their looks with authentic ornaments and decorate their homes with Ukrainian decor," added Nataliya Popovych, founder of One Philosophy.
Oplich participants include (the list is constantly expanding):
  • She flowers – decor, compositions, candles with dried and stabilized flowers
  • Anzyhome – craft workshop, where home decor and furniture are created by hand: ottomans, carpets, baskets, cradles for newborns, etc.
  • YAKUSH - ecological production from processed tempered glass
  • Luxury Linen - bed linen and other household items made of flax
  • Zvyazani - traditional Ukrainian handmade carpets in modern execution
  • WOOD MOOD candles - production of wooden candles
  • Vita Khaidurova (vita95art) – ceramics
  • YASYK - authentic Ukrainian embroidered decor in a modern interpretation
  • Jane and Mery - tempered glass products, paintings
  • LoraShen - manufacturer of decorative and applied ceramics, production of vases, flowerpots and Christmas tree decorations
"For many years, we have been honing our skills, combining unique design and high quality. That is why we believe that we can make the world fall in love with Ukrainian brands and Ukrainian culture, with its traditions, beauty, and sincere people," said Masha Yakush, a project participant and owner of YAKUSH.
If you want to become a business participant or support the Oplich project, fill in the registration form via the link:
The implementation period of the initiative is July 1, 2022 - July 1, 2023.
Contact person for participation in the project:
Yelyzaveta Bieliaieva
+38 067 466 94 67 

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