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"Business Resilience Platform" seminars are a vector of development for women's entrepreneurship in wartime conditions

30 June 2022

Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program held a series of seminars "Business Resilience Platform". Experienced psychologists, coaches, owners of marketing agencies, and other experts shared useful information to support women entrepreneurs and help them recover from wartime conditions.
In the period from May 26 to June 25, 2022, a series of seminars "Business Sustainability Platform" was held. The project was aimed at forming a new vector of development of enterprises managed by women in the conditions of war, psychological and entrepreneurial adaptation and obtaining knowledge for business scaling.
249 application forms were submitted for the educational program and 231 participants from all over the country were gathered. Entrepreneurs from Kyiv (49%), Lviv (20%), Dnipropetrovsk (11%) and Vinnytsia (10%) regions showed the greatest activity. Representatives of small businesses (196 participants) showed interest in new knowledge, but representatives of medium-sized and large businesses came to deepen their experience - 12 and 6 owners, respectively. The series of seminars is a direction of the USAID Competitive Economy Program, which has already supported 816 women's businesses, attracting 2.2 million investments.
The need for information support for businesses is natural, because even in times of peace, entrepreneurs were actively interested in education. According to the results of a survey of small and medium-sized business owners, up to 88% attended business meetings and educational events to gain new knowledge and development. In the conditions of war, the ability to quickly adapt is especially important, and therefore new knowledge can help to adjust business operations during unstable realities. The seminars from Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center aimed to provide support in this direction and give an impetus to strengthening the economy.
Seminars for businesswomen covered issues of mental health and the ability to make decisions in stressful situations, expanded knowledge about development, business scaling and interaction with a team for effective work. Lecture speakers were experts in various fields: psychologists, language stylists, marketers and other specialists.
"The U.S. Agency for International Development is developing a number of tools to help Ukrainian businesses survive the war. Among the initiatives implemented, the most sought-after are helping women entrepreneurs to move businesses to safe regions, maintain a presence in current markets or enter new markets or develop marketing strategies, and implement digital tools. As the experience of our activities shows, the demand for support is huge, so we continue to cooperate with partners so that as many women as possible can develop their business even in such a difficult time for the country and the economy", says Nataliya Petrova, Program Manager, Economic Growth Office USAID
Within the framework of 11 seminars, women entrepreneurs worked with such topics as:
1. Resilience: how to conquer the wave of uncertainty
2. Effective use of LinkedIn for business
3. Psychological stability and support during military operations
4. From half a word: how effective communication during a crisis can help a business work and develop
5. Self-presentation and establishment of new contacts
6. Digital marketing and social networks for business
7. How to support and organize productive team work
8. Work under conditions of daily stress
9. Starting life from scratch: changing careers, analyzing your strengths, finding new niches for development
10. Conflict of narratives and debate wars: how businesses communicate during a crisis and overcome information chaos
11. How to look for new business opportunities?
"The role of women entrepreneurs in economic life is growing every year. Realizing themselves in business, they demonstrate flexibility, creativity and endurance. That is why their activity is of great importance both for society and the economy as a whole, - says Iryna Tytarchuk, executive director of the Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center. "By offering informational and educational support to business owners, we provide the necessary tools and knowledge to help them survive, grow and strengthen the country's economy during the difficult times of war and post-war recovery."
About the Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center
Ukraine Investment and Trade Facilitation Center is an independent non-profit organization specializing in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, women's entrepreneurship, support for exports and trade in various sectors of the economy.
About the USAID Competitive Economy Program
USAID Competitive Economy Program supports startups and small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) in order to increase their competitiveness in the domestic market of Ukraine and in international markets, helps in building a simplified and transparent business climate, and also provides Ukrainian companies with opportunities to take advantage of international trade.

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