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Експерти ITFC застосовують глибокі знання і досвід для підтримки та всебічного сприяння торговельним та інвестиційним проектам за участю українського бізнесу та України. Експертна платформа ITFC об’єднує професіоналів не лише з України, а й ЄС і США. ITFC також співпрацює з провідними міжнародними організаціями в Лондоні, Брюсселі, Женеві, Вашингтоні (округ Колумбія), та в інших ділових центрах світу.
Наші експерти мають фахові знання з питань економічного управління, СОТ та угод про преференційну торгівлю (FTAs), торгівлі послугами, державних закупівель, стимулювання експорту, захисту торгівлі, фінансування торгівлі, сільського господарства, енергетики, інновацій та питань інтелектуальної власності.

Наша команда

Михайло Харенко

Михайло Харенко

Michael Kharenko is a managing partner at one of the top law firms in Ukraine – Sayenko Kharenko.

Mr. Kharenko is one of the most successful dealmakers in Ukraine with over 15 years of experience in structuring investments and attracting capital into the country. He has handled the market's most innovative and complex investments, finance and capital markets transactions for the total amount over USD 30 billion.

Michael focuses on cross-border corporate transactions and international financings. He has worked on a wide range of major private and public securities offerings, syndications and secured finance transactions in Ukraine representing leading investment banks, multinational financial institutions and corporations.

Apart from his outstanding reputation and global recognition as one of the leading finance and capital markets lawyers in Ukraine, Mr. Kharenko has a strong profile in the IT-sector in Ukraine, advising investors, multinational IT-companies and IT-start-ups on various sector specific regulatory and legal issues.

Michael Kharenko serves as a supervisory board member of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) initiated by venture funds and investing predominantly into IT-sector and member of Innovation Development Council under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Mr. Kharenko holds LL.D. in public finance law, LL.M. with honors from Columbia University School of Law (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar) and LL.B. summa cum laude from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University Law School. Michael was also interned with the Honorable Bohdan A. Futey at the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C.

Michael Kharenko is admitted in Ukraine and the state of New York, USA.

Areas of expertise: Finance, Capital Markets, IT and Innovation, Investment Climate.

Д-р. Герман Галущенко

Д-р. Герман Галущенко

Dr German Galushchenko, the Member of the Board at Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center (ITFC), Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine is the Managing Partner at INTERNATIONAL LAW AGENCY LLC.

Since 2004 Dr. Galuschenko is an Associate Professor at the Department of Private International Law at the Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv National University. His areas of expertise include civil law, international private law, international commercial arbitration, investment law.

Dr. Galuschenko is included to the list of arbitrators of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes on behalf of Ukraine. He is aslo shortlisted as a recommended arbitrator by the International Centre for Settlement of disputes in the CIS Economic Court on behalf of Ukraine. Along with that, German is an Expert of the European Commission under the program “Research of Anti-Money Laundering Mechanisms in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova” and the Member of the Advisory Board at the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

In 2013 German Galushchenko was included to the list of heads of 50 best legal departments of Ukraine.


Dr. Galuschenko holds Ph.D. in Law from Lviv State University; He is proficient at Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Олена Кудляк

Олена Кудляк

Olena stands both as the Executive Director and as an Expert in the ITFC.

Olena’s areas of expertise include public sector, market analysis, financial planning and modelling.

As an ITFC expert Olena is involved in preparation of analytical materials and marketing researches on various industrial and service sectors.

As the Executive Director of the ITFC Olena is responsible for coordination, internal control and execution of all Center’s projects.

She is also involved in providing financial advisory services to individual companies. The main target and result of such services is creation and implementation of an optimal processing and financial model of the company.


Olena Kudliak holds M.A. in International management and B.A. in International economics from Taras Shevchenko National University; Olena has also attended the Program on macroeconomics, economic processes and economic reforms at the Kyiv School of Economics. She is a proficient user of Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Д-р. Володимир Рябцев

Д-р. Володимир Рябцев
Doctor of Physic and Mathematic Science and graduate from Cybernetic Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, Volodymyr is an expert in the field of nuclear energy use, nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation. He holds a position of the Director for Strategic Development and International Cooperation within the “Ukrainian Nuclear Forum” Association.
His previous activities included chairing the Department of Man-Induced and Ecological Security (2004-2006) and the Department of Nuclear Policy and Radiation Safety (2007-2011) at the National Security Council of Ukraine, diplomatic posting to Japan (Charge d’Affaires i.e. in 1999-2001), senior diplomatic positions at the Arms Control and Disarmament Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
As a member of the Ukrainian delegation Volodymyr participated in international negotiations on Revised Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and Joint Convention on Waste Management. He also worked on multilateral export control regimes issues within Nuclear Suppliers Group, Missile Control Technology Regime, and Waassenar Agreement. 
Volodymyr was among G-7 experts in Nuclear Safety and Security Working Group to prepare the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant for a shut down (1994-1997).
Areas of expertise: Nuclear energy and safety, non-proliferation, export control regimes, technical cooperation.

Віктор Маштабей

Віктор Маштабей
Associate Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine Victor spent more than 17 years with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFAU), working primarily on European Union and economic diplomacy issues. Starting from 1991 till 1997 he was assigned for a diplomatic posting to Brussels, working as Deputy and later on Acting Head of Ukrainian Mission to the EU.
Viktor was appointed Head of the European Union Department (MFAU) once it had been established after Ukraine-EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement entered into force in summer 1998. 
He then served as Deputy Head of Mission to the United Arab Emirates, dealing with Ukraine - GCC member-states trade and economic affairs. Upon return he was appointed Ambassador at Large in charge of Middle East Region. Finishing with that obligations Victor was appointed as Head of the Economic Department at the MFAU. Later he was assigned for a diplomatic posting of the Ukrainian ambassador to Singapore – deeply dealing with it as South-East Asia important financial and business center. 
Prior to his diplomatic career Victor was engaged in business consultancy advising foreign companies on Russian and Ukrainian markets. 
Areas of expertise: Asian and Middle East markets, European trade and economic policy.

Д-р. П'єтро Поретті

 Д-р. П'єтро Поретті

An independent consultant, Pietro primarily focus on international trade and investment law and policy, negotiations and treaty drafting.

Pietro served as senior legal officer of the European Free Trade Association, where he assisted EFTA Member States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) in exploring, negotiating and upgrading free trade agreements and declarations on co-operation that EFTA has established with over 40 non-EU countries worldwide. Before joining EFTA, he was active as counsel for a Geneva-based law firm, advising private and sovereign entities on international trade and investment issues, in particular in the areas of energy and logistic services.

He holds a PhD from the World Trade Institute (Bern), and a MAS in oil and gas from the Graduate Institute (Geneva) and the French Institute of Petroleum (Paris). He studied law at the University of Fribourg and at the Europa Institut (Saarbruecken, Germany), and was a fellow at the Institute of International Economic Law (Georgetown University, Washington D.C.).

Pietro regularly appears as speaker and lecturer on international economic law and natural resources law and management, good governance and transparency. He has published extensively on the same topics. He is a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN).

Areas of expertise: Export Promotion, Exploration of New Markets, Preferential Trade Agreements, Free Trade Agreements, Ukraine-EU DC FTA, Oil and Gas, Transport and Infrastructure.

Д-р. Едвіні Кессі

 Д-р. Едвіні Кессі

Edwini Kessie has a Doctorate Degree in Law from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia and Masters' Degrees in Law from the University of Toronto, Canada and the University of Brussels, Belgium and a Bachelor's Degree in Law from the University of Ghana. He is admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Courts of England & Wales, New South Wales, Australia and Ghana. He has practiced Corporate and Commercial Law in Sydney, Australia and International Trade Law and European Community Law in Brussels, Belgium.

Dr. Kessie is on leave from the World Trade Organization, where he worked for over 18 years in different Divisions, including the Council and Trade Negotiations Committee Division. He is currently the Chief Trade Adviser of the Pacific Island Countries and Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the Chief Trade Adviser located in Port Vila, Vanuatu. In this capacity, he provides technical advice on a broad range of trade and investment issues to the Pacific Island countries and support them in the PACER Plus negotiations with Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Kessie is also a lecturer in international trade law at the World Trade Institute in Berne, Switzerland, the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and at the Universities of Pretoria and Western Cape in South Africa. He has also lectured on international trade issues at several universities, including Columbia University, New York, London School of Economics, United Kingdom, University of Technology, Sydney and the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Kessie has participated in many international conferences on international trade and written a number of articles on international trade issues. His principal areas of interest are regional integration, trade and development and dispute settlement.

Д-р. Андрій Омельченко

Д-р. Андрій Омельченко

Professor and Chair of Civil and Labour Law Department of Kyiv National Economic University, Andrii did a lot of extensive research on external foreign economic policy and investment climate. He is the author of monographs on “Legal Regulation of Foreign Investment in Ukraine” and “Administrative and Legal Foundations of Foreign Economic Activity in Ukraine”, as well as textbooks on “Investment Law in Ukraine”, “Law in the European Union” and “Commercial Law”.

Apart from profound academic records, Andrii has solid experience while working for the Ukrainian Government as Deputy Chairman of State Committee of Communications and Informatisation of Ukraine and researching legal aspects of foreign economic policy and investments within the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Andrii was a member of the Ukrainian Delegation for the negotiations on WTO accession. In 2011 he was elected as a representative of Ukraine to the Expert Committee on Dispute Settlement within CIS Free Trade Area.
Andrii is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.  
Areas of expertise: Export Promotion, Preferential Trade Agreements, Trade in Services, IT and Innovation, Deregulation, Currency Control Liberalization, Investment Climate, Foreign Economic Policy.

Крістіан Хаберлі

Крістіан Хаберлі
Christian Häberli is a Senior Research Fellow at the World Trade Institute. He works and lectures on various trade, agriculture and development policy issues. 
Christian made his professional career for the International Labour Organization (ILO) and for the Swiss Government with assignments in Madagascar, Thailand, Nepal, and Switzerland. 
As a trade negotiator for Switzerland in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) he participated in the Uruguay Round and in the Doha Round from 1986 to 2007. 
He chaired the WTO Committee on Agriculture (Regular Session) and served in fifteen dispute settlement cases, including EC – Bananas, EC – Biotech, Japan – Apples, China – Trading Rights and United States – Country of Origin Labelling (COOL).
Areas of expertise: Preferential Trade Agreements, Free Trade Agreements, Agriculture.

Д-р. Ольга Усенко

Д-р. Ольга Усенко
Olga is an experienced academic researcher. She did her PhD in World Economy and International Economic Relations in 2010 writing on “Strategy of the Regional Trade and Economic Integration of Ukraine and the EU”.
In 2006-2007 she was involved as an expert into a feasibility study of the International Center of Political Studies on potential FTA+ between Ukraine and the EU. 
Since 2006 Olga is the Editor-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law and writes extensively on free trade issues, EU technical regulations and standards, sectoral integration.    
Areas of expertise: Exploration of New Markets, Preferential Trade Agreements and Free Trade Agreements, Ukraine-EU DCFTA, CIS Legal Industry, Foreign Economic Policy.

Ігор Снітівкер

Ігор Снітівкер

Igor Snitivker is a leading international foreign trade expert with more than 20 years of experience in various fields of business, doing business in more than 30 countries of the world, and as an expert on the highest quality consulting services in the Ukrainian market.

Since 2011 Mr. Snitivker is an Expert of JICA, since 2016 is an expert of USAID. The head of the Export Board of the Council of Entrepreneurs at the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration, the Export Support Committee of the Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is a member of the Committee on Foreign Trade of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine.

Mr Snitivker has extensive experience in such matters as: export audit; operational export; determination of the company’s export capacity; development of an export road map; development of the company's export strategy; creation of export financial model; export logistics; calculation of export efficiency; legal support.

Igor Snitivker specializes in construction of export system to the EU, North America, Asia and Japan.

Great experience in conducting seminars, trainings and courses in international economics and exports, in cooperation with CCI, EBRD and USAID.

Owner of “UkrExport Service” Ltd, School of Markets, School of Export, Japanese House.


Igor Snitivker graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) the MBA program, post-graduate education at the Dnipropetrovsk National University, specialization - international economic.